July swimwear was created because I wanted to create quality swimsuits that would be suitable for any woman’s body shape or size.

Our Story

I wanted to create pieces that you feel comfortable and supported in. That are adjustable, supportive for different chest sizes and bottoms that are available in different rises. I want these swim pieces to be your go-to pieces to wear whether you are at the pool with your family, on a girls trip at the beach or taking a solo cold-dip in the ocean.

I wanted to create pieces that were undeniably good quality and comfortable that they would be 
the suit that you reach for, for your everyday swimwear. Basics never go out of style - and that’s exactly what I want you to feel when you purchase a piece of July Swim.

I have loved swimwear for as long as I can remember. Growing up on Hornby Island, as far as I remember ~ I could swim before I could walk. We lived for the summer, spending my days from a child to a teenager on the beaches until the sun went down..often much after the sun had set.

Quality Swimwear for Women | Ethically Made

As I’ve gotten older, and after having children - I’ve found it harder to find swimwear that fits my curves and still makes me feel confident, supported and comfortable in my body. 

My love for quality swimwear began when I got my own job at 12-years old and I would go into the closest city to spend my pay check on a new Roxy bikini for the summer. The feeling of wearing a new bikini for the summer on the beach is something I can still feel today. 

I've worked with small local businesses and it became a dream to create my own small business. To bring something I love to others. I wanted to create swimwear for women like me ~  for women who appreciate quality, classic-yet-basic pieces that you love and will last through days of swimming in the ocean and laying in the sun.


Beach Bum one-piece in Onyx